How to make minimal professional DP for Linkedin

The ever increasing hype in the minimal design trends and the idea itself has intrigued people on profusely using it. It’s extensively used and followed on music videos as well. We often seen it on lyrical videos and sometime we find this trend adopted on official videos as well. Many actors like Will Smith adopt the minimal design idea, which can be concluded from his IG DP.

The minimal design trend is evidently shaping into professionalism as well. So why should we lose the trend! Let’s see how we can easily make a minimal, attractive and professional DP in the snap of a finger.

We will be using Canva. It is a great remote design platform for the beginners, easy to understand with tools and layouts. Although there are other good platforms out there like Figma or Adobe XD, for keeping things simple, I choose Canva.

Before we move forward, let me spill the beans on a secret. We are going to start with Canva Pro. “Wait! What, Pro. Dude I do not have that kind of money for just making a simple DP”. I couldn’t agree less but what if I get it done for free. To put an end to your dilemma, the Canva team is actively promoting the platform and you will get a free pro version for lifetime with mere effort. I am providing the link from where you have to sign up and I will keep it updated till the time I am alive. I’ve got your back !! In case if the link doesn’t work, then simply search on youtube, “Canva pro trick” and you will find the updated method or link. (Link for the pro version is provided at the end of this article).

Let’s cut the crap and initiate with Canva. After logging in, on your home screen, select “Instagram post” or you may simply search it from search bar. Basically I find “Instagram post” dimensions suits best to your need and the dimensions fit amazingly well, you can change it according to your perspective and requirements.

Now select the white square and change the background color from the color pallet situated at top left corner of secondary white header. You may choose the following colors as background. Use hexadecimal color code for the background color selection.

Upload your image from the local. Select the image which you just uploaded and head toward “Effect” at top left corner of secondary header. There you find a “Background Remover” tool. This tool is only available on pro version, smile we already have it. Click on the “Background Remover” and wooosh! your BG just vanished. You may adjust it from the “+” & “-” options as well.

Hit the apply button to finalize the background removing process. After removing and adjusting the background, select the “Capri Effect” or any grayscale effect under photogenic section in Effects variants.

Next you need to add shadow effect. Search “Shadows” on effect search bar and add the shadows effect to your Effect board. Select “Glow” from shadows and click again on glow and navigate to the glow setting. Apply following adjustments to the glow:

All the effects are now been implemented and at last we need to adjust our image with the square frame. Select your image and zoom it out by dragging it from the corners. Make sure to leave some spaces on the top, to avoid trimming the edges off your DP.

You can play with different effects, images, angles and colors. Every time you will be amazed by the result. Here are some examples I have implemented!!

Until next time, Ciao!

Get Pro Version from here:

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